Consulting and Audits

Medicaid Consulting and Audits 

sb2 inc. has handled thousands of Medicaid and collection matters over the years for hundreds of clients. This experience has allowed sb2 to recognize those policies and procedures that are most effective in reducing accounts receivable.

Our Medicaid Consulting and Audits practice has three main components:

Accounts Receivable Audits: Many times facilities have effective policies but have personnel who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to implement those policies. Other times facilities have strong personnel who haven't yet been given the tools to effectively deal with accounts receivable. We'll determine where the problems are and develop a strategy for improvement.

Medicaid Eligibility Policy Development: If your policies and procedures are weak, your accounts receivable will grow quickly. We've developed a simple, straightforward set of policies that can be easily implemented by providers of all sizes and that are designed to eliminate confusion and help avoid delay when dealing with problem accounts.

Medicaid Training: This training helps facilities avoid financial problems and deal with more matters in-house, thereby saving legal fees. We're well known for our training seminars, which will both entertain and educate your finance personnel.

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  • Choose your format: webinar or in-person at your facility
  • Attendees earn 1.5 hours of continuing education credits
  • Offered at absolutely no cost to your facility