Flexible Client Relationships

The freedom to think about larger issues

We restructured our entire business to help you capitalize on every opportunity. Our pricing models make it affordable for your facility to tackle all aspects of your Medicare/Medicaid Eligibility and Reimbursement.

Our flexible pricing structures include:

  • Yearly: Pay an annual fee to handle your cases.
  • The Bundle: Bundle up your open cases and only pay one fee per month to stabilize and streamline your monthly budget.
  • Just the Basics: If you only require basic services, then that’s why you pay for. Pay for additional services if your needs change.


  • 09.13.2017Peoria, IL

    sb2 inc. presents at the Illinois Health Care Association 2017 Annual Convention.

  • 09.28.2017Portland, ME

    sb2 inc. speaks at the New England Alliance 2017 Fall Conference.