sb2 Inc. Fee Models for 2016

Yearly: Get the most from our services in the most efficient way possible

The sb2 Inc. Yearly model is our most popular by far. We can customize a 12-month proposal to your unique needs. With training and support from our firm, many clients can process 95% of their own cases internally. This not only significantly reduces cost, it enables us to focus our expertise on the top 5% of your cases—cases where other law firms underperform—in order to drive the highest win rate possible. This is a model we are deploying nationally, and it's how we maintain a 98% resident qualification rate for our clients.

Cash Flow Booster: A clear path to protect your cash flow

Some of our clients have shared with us the need to resolve several open cases, but cash flow issues may be holding them back. To overcome this challenge, this fee structure will help facilities protect their full and fair compensation in a flexible format designed to meet each unique client circumstance. It's simple. We agree to a monthly amount to take on a state administrative Medicaid matter. When the case is resolved (either by winning or if you decide to no longer move forward), then you pay the remaining amount. Here's an example:

  1. We're referred a case that will have a fee amount of $4.5k.
  2. We agree with the client that they will pay $2.25k up front.
  3. When we receive an approval for the case, the client pays an additional 2.25k— the remainder of the fee.

Use this structure for as many cases as you like. The advantage is that your cash flow is protected until the case is resolved, freeing you to focus on issues more important to your organization. With a win rate of 98%, the positive impact to your revenue stream from this fee structure will be felt quickly.

The Bundle: Pay one-per-month with multiple open cases.

Our bundle option adds even more predictability and certainty to our clients dealing with multiple open cases. With this fee model you only pay one fee each month, regardless of how many open cases you have. Here's an example:

  • You have 5 open cases: We bundle them up and you pay one flat rate each month.

You'll always know what your bill will be each month, and you'll know exactly when the billing period will end. It's just the thing to add further stability to your Accounts Payable environment. If a new case is added to the mix—no problem. We'll send you a statement outlining how the additional case will impact your payments. Our goal with this approach is to eliminate surprises and worries.

Just the Basics: New Thinking to Build Stronger Client Relationships

The reality of dealing with many law firms is that they base their fee structure on the worst case scenario. These firms charge up-front for services that may only be used in dealing with extremely complicated legal matters. But with our Just the Basics fee structure, if you only require basic services, then that's why you pay for. Then, pay for additional services only if your needs change.

Here's an example:

For services such as Medicaid Determinations and Appeals, you just pay a fee every time the service is used. For appeals, there is a straightforward project fee per-appeal. If two appeals are filed during your representation, you will pay that fee two times. That way, every time a new action is needed in your case, you will know the charge before that action is taken. Simple. Clear. Fair. No hidden charges.


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