Strategic Programs

RevenueNova: A Program for Pain-free Resident Approval

RevenueNova, developed with our strategic partner Future Care Consultants, alleviates the burden of the Medicaid application process to ensure each resident you admit has a clearly defined payer source. This streamlined path to approval removes the workload and reimbursement issues typically associated with this complicated process.

How this benefits you:

  • Future Care Consultants has processed an estimated 14,000+ resident applications to date. With a team of 150 members handling applications, they know how to control the process and eliminate the roadblocks to approval.
  • From a dedicated command center, Future Care Consultants will handle family communications and processing applications on behalf of your facility, saving your organization thousands of hours of labor.

If an issue arises during the application that requires legal support, sb2 Inc. steps in as an integrated part of the program to ensure every mechanism is activated to keep your revenue moving forward.


  • 09.13.2017Peoria, IL

    sb2 inc. presents at the Illinois Health Care Association 2017 Annual Convention.

  • 09.28.2017Portland, ME

    sb2 inc. speaks at the New England Alliance 2017 Fall Conference.