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sb2 Update

In Every Change There’s Opportunity

As you were informed in our previous correspondence, Schutjer Bogar lost one of its largest clients due to the unethical actions of a junior partner. While this development brings a period of change to our organization, there are some aspects to our practice that remain constant:

•          We are successful in securing Medicaid or payment in 98% of our cases.

•          Our attorney fees average 10%-20% of typical Medicaid revenue realized.

•           For every $100,000 spent in legal fees, typical realization in Medicaid is $500,000 to $900,000.

These are the results we typically achieve for our clients, and it’s a formula we do not plan on changing. However, based on our recent experience, you can expect a few other changes at Schutjer Bogar:

•          We will come out of this process a leaner, more efficient organization.

•          Our principals, Brad Schutjer and Chad Bogar, will be even more involved in every case to ensure full client satisfaction.

•          Our primary goal during this transition is to ensure that our clients have no disruption in their current cases or in their partnership with us.

In our current situation, we see an opportunity to transform our practice into an engine that drives even stronger results for our clients while continuing to ensure they receive full and fair compensation for every service they provide.

I look forward to working with you personally, as we move forward together in a prosperous 2013.

Best Regards,

Chad Bogar