The First Step

Take control of eligibility and reimbursement — we can show you how.

The first step to maximizing the performance of your Medicare/Medicaid Eligibility and Reimbursement is realizing that you have more control over your revenue ecosystem than you may realize.

We specialize in providing the training and support to enable your facility to process 95% of your own Medicare/Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement issues internally. This controls your cost and keeps us focused on the top 5% of your cases—cases where other law firms underperform—in order to drive the highest win rate possible.
Working with sb2 inc., you will understand:

  • How to spot missing information, required by law, on a denial
  • How and when to file appeals
  • How federal regulations work to your advantage during the appeals process—much more effectively than state regulations
  • Your rights during the process, including assistance that you are entitled to receive

We do everything for our clients, even to the point of reducing the need for our services.