Our Focus Areas

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One singular focus.

We provide everything—every type of support, representation, and service—related to Medicare/Medicaid eligibility and reimbursement.

Medicare/Medicaid Eligibility

If residents and their families are unwilling or unable to cooperate in securing Medicaid coverage, we respond with policies and procedures designed to promote consistent, uniform, and effective methods of addressing these issues at the facility level.

Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement

We apply fundamental due process rights and an unparalleled understanding of federal preemption to challenge adverse Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement decisions made by state agencies, MCOs, and Medicare contractors.

MCO Compliance

SNFs get underpaid by an estimated 10-30% from MCOs by not being paid timely, inadequate MCO billing systems, inappropriate deauthorizations and other negligence. With MCOs having a permanent role in the Medicare/Medicaid eligibility & reimbursement play, it’s important to understand how to effectively deal with them when they are out of compliance. Despite history, providers do in fact have substantial leverage to compel MCO compliance, but education and timing are everything.

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